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The Greatest Gift of Vicky Leandros

VÖ: 1984
Best. Nr.: MC GIFT 13

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A1. Dreams are good friends
A2. Le Lac Majeur
A3. Your letter
A4. All my questions
A5. Different from all the others
A6. The love in your eyes
A7. When bouzoukis played
A8. Love
A9. My eyes, your eyes
A10. O Kir´ Andonis
A11. Question
A12. Drive on ride on

B1. Come what may
B2. The windmills of your mind
B3. Mamy blue
B4. Love me tender
B5. Jacques
B6. Amazing grace
B7. A taste of Honey
B8. Summertime
B9. Love is blue
B10. You make me feel brand new
B11. Fire and rain
B12. More than that (I´m losing you)

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